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CoLab is an Immersive Theatre Company that specialises in site specific immersive performances. 

Accumulating many different theatre companies, CoLab strives to bring unity to the immersive theatre industry and create better theatre for the future. 






COLAB Theatre is about building immersive theatre experiences with narrative at the core. We tell tales by putting people in the middle of stories and giving them the option to actively or passively watch as the story comes alive around them. To make our shows as fun as possible we create theatre that is of the best possible quality. Creating fully authentic, immersive theatre which attracts and speaks to the whole scope of society. 

We have been laying low for a year to take time in preparing for the next. In which we will be: 

- Producing one new large-scale production

- Producing two small productions which will tour internationally early 2019.

- Expanding into two more venues within zone one London

- Taking on one very large project that will last for three years. Ever becoming a centre of immersive theatre within London. 

The producer will be the driving force behind the company ensuring its expansion goes to plan whilst keeping the current assets in working order. 

We want this to be as much of a partnership as possible. We don't necessarily need someone who is solely a producer, someone who has produced a show that they have directed could work or alternatively they could be a commercial producer that wants to do more immersive work. We are very much interested in the individual and what they have to offer. It's a unique opportunity for a unique person. 


Roles and Responsibilities:

The producer is a vital role within the company. They will be given the management of a budget to deal with marketing, advertising, press and ticketing. The producer will also be responsible for the general management of the company, its shows and venues, including creative team hiring and castings, contracting, licensing and scheduling. They will also be in charge of finances and book-keeping. 

They will be working alongside artistic director Bertie Watkins in realising the vision of the company. These roles and responsibilities will interchange from project to project to manage workload. As a base, you would be responsible for maintaining the events side of COLAB and the private packages.

You will be on a retainer to work permanently with COLAB but we encourage working with other companies. Again we want to partner with someone who has fire for this kind of work and want to support them as much as they support the company. 



This role will be very demanding and will require a large amount of dedication. We’re looking for a very driven and optimistic individual that is extremely good at problem solving. An understanding and enthusiasm in immersive theatre is very preferable but more importantly, an attitude and ability to keep positive in stressful environments.

The most important requirement is scope – the ability to be able to pull out, see the scaling as a whole and see what needs to be addressed as a priority.

As a minimum, you must have produced at least one fringe or off west end production from beginning to end as a producer or general manager – assistant producers are welcome if they have a large amount of experience working on at least two productions. 

Immersive, interactive, site-specific production experience is very preferable. 

Experience in working within budget, contracting, scheduling and marketing is vital alongside ongoing accountancy. 

Understanding of physical production is preferable. 



Hours are unfixed, this is not a full-time role but will be during production times.

It will depend on you as an individual how it can work best for you. It also vastly depends on your experience and where you sit within the sector.

We will however be looking for 2-3 days a week with an increase in hours when needed. You will be paid for any additional time. 

This will be decided within the interview process. 





To Apply:

Please send your CV and 250-word cover letter to

DEADLINE: September 7th 2018 - 12noon.