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CoLab is an Immersive Theatre Company that specialises in site specific immersive performances. 

Accumulating many different theatre companies, CoLab strives to bring unity to the immersive theatre industry and create better theatre for the future. 







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In less than 200 words, please tell us what ideas you have for the basement and we will get back to you.

Dear anyone....

We would like to invite you to have a look at the newest performance space in London Bridge: The COLAB Factory. The space is exceptionally versatile and has been used for several varied styles of performance. The space to date has held big immersive performances, intimate interactive shows, stripped back Shakespeare, seeds of ideas, final products, live music and much more.

Due to this success we want to open up the opportunity to as many different companies and creatives as possible to see what they can do with this unique central London space. We are now looking to program a season of work through March 2017 that pushes what makes theatre live. By this we mean anything that wouldn’t work unless the audience are there in the moment with performers. To what extent this idea is pushed is up to each company that puts on work

The original space was a factory floor with a mezzanine level accessible by stairs and a large basement connected by goods lift and stairs. But has been transformed each time to accommodate every new performance.

We aim to have the COLAB Factory alive with work. With companies taking residency for a week and performing a show four times to separate audiences. Although we cannot commission work the performances will be box office split in the companies favour. There is also rehearsal space available for the month before the festival to allow companies to fully explore their idea.

We expect everyone who is part of the season to promote their own work. There will be a small centralised social media platform and a website that will showcase the season.

We are looking for a broad range of ideas at different stages of development:

  • A finished show that could be brought back that would be interesting to explore how to further involve audience members

  • A start of an idea that is rooted in the audiences experiences.

  • A nearly finished show that could use an exciting test

  • An intimate performance or experience

  • Carnival experience or similar large scale event

  • A game that can be played in a space

  • Anything in-between – that is all about audience experience.

    We are looking to have conversations with anyone who is interested in pushing and exploring what makes theatre live. The rise in immersive and interactive shows and experiences show that there is an appetite for this type of work and we want to give companies and creatives the space to test their practice.

    If this interests you and your company please do get in touch. Or if you know someone that would, pass on the message.

    All the best
    Joe, Chris and Bertie

Here at COLAB, we want to build a portfolio of practitioners and artists that want to explore and create immersive theatre. We have the lucky opportunity of having a venue in Borough to use exclusively for immersive theatre and we want you to be involved. Please submit a proposal and we will be in touch with ideas of the best way forward using the building. 

The end goal for COLAB is to have a building for all immersive theatre companies to call home. We want to create a network of young and more experiences companies so we can eventually start using each others resources. We also want it to be a base for audiences so anyone who is interested in immersive theatre will know where to go for information.

The Basement is the accumulation of the UK's most forward thinking immersive theatre makers. Together we will strive to create the first ever home for Immersive Theatre. Using the ethos of COLAB, we will endeavour to make the best immersive theatre possible. We want to transport audiences into completely different worlds. We want the Basement to be a wondrous place that's full of many different experiences. 

We already create new and exciting theatre but with this permanent venue we can continue to create innovative work and be able to call the premises the first home of Immersive Theatre.

Together we will create the first theatre devoted to the immersive experience. A permanent venue that has a place on the map. This will mean we can create an audience base, start generating interest and sustaining marketing campaigns to engage a far greater part of society that reach far beyond the regular theatre going audience and secure the future of theatre.

If you wish to view The Basement please email