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CoLab is an Immersive Theatre Company that specialises in site specific immersive performances. 

Accumulating many different theatre companies, CoLab strives to bring unity to the immersive theatre industry and create better theatre for the future. 




The first show in the Immersive Theatre Season

Splutter Theatre presents The Harrowing


"We the living are here for you,

We the living are your friends,

We the living won't leave you."


Splutter invites you into the basement for a spine tingling, heart stopping, secret immersive horror experience. An abandoned building. A violent death. A newly discovered haunting past. Together we will unleash the evil forces that have blighted this building for far too long, and cleanse ourselves of whatever lurks in the dank shadows. There truly is hell to pay. Don't say you weren't warned.


Strictly 16+

Dates 30/02- 18/03

18:45, 19:45, 20:45, 21:45

60 Minutes

Tickets: £10 for test night

£15/£13 Concessions

Created and Written by: Benedict Hudson

Directed by: Joe Ball

Produced by: Roisin Walsh and Fergus Collins

Executive Produced by: Bertie Watkins