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CoLab is an Immersive Theatre Company that specialises in site specific immersive performances. 

Accumulating many different theatre companies, CoLab strives to bring unity to the immersive theatre industry and create better theatre for the future. 



CoLab Theatre



Collect secret packages, chase enemy agents, uncover your true identity and escape capture. As you abandon your everyday life and become the protagonist of this theatrical adventure across London Bridge.   

This intimate, action packed three-part performance starts in an exclusive spy members bar where you discover your true identity and begin your new life as an elite agent. Go on an undercover mission around London Bridge to find the safe house. Break in, rescue your fellow agents and see if you have the guts to escape.

SPY CITY is unique in its extremity as a show and pushing the fourth wall right into the very lives of the audience – this is the ultimate spy experience.

-Welcome to the world of CoLab-

COLAB is an Immersive Theatre company.

We create completely new worlds and experiences to tell you a story.

Using authentic immersive theatre we enable you to engage in stories as much or as little as you'd like.

In doing this, we hope to attract the whole scope of society rather than people who just like alternative experiences or people who just like theatre.

We aim to change the face of theatre with this in mind.

 Audiences are demanding more and more from theatrical events and we are here to answer that ringing red phone.

Utilising buildings and locations around London and the UK we bring the untapped world around us alive using old, new and borrowed stories. 

We strive to create experiences you will never forget - this is COLAB.

We want to create worlds that completely take audiences back, forward and sideways in time. 

We create experiences people can live in. We extend boundaries, and lead you as far into another world as you want to go. We create new and exciting shows with some of the country's most exciting playwrights, producers, directors and actors. Collaboration is key and we are keen to continue to grow with the country's best creative minds and companies. With a growing network of collaboration, COLAB will continue to make the best work possible. 

The Fifth Column - CoLab Spy Project

The Fifth Column - CoLab Spy Project

Car Park Rooftop - Location for CoLab Production

Car Park Rooftop - Location for CoLab Production